The History of the Internet, and the Internet of Things

By Víctor Ontiveros

How has the Internet evolved, and for what purpose?

A lot of things have happened to develop the Internet as one would know it today. For example, back in the 1960’s CompuServe developed what is considered the first form of Internet, or a network between computers and servers. The motive, since 550 B.C, with the delivering of letters across great distances, whether it be long distance or sharing ideas too complex to be presented by words, was to expand on the ways of communication. Today, with the interconnectedness of various online services, many people resort to social media in order to communicate or present ideas through other media such as photos or files that wouldn’t be possible by just speaking. For that reason, today’s internet in the 2010’s decade revolves around social media. Social media has increased our capacity and contributed to the creation of the internet today because of its usefulness and by having the internet revolve around means of communication.

Why is social media so good?

Social media and our dependence on computers have increased our capacity. The desire to communicate and spread ideas goes way back to more than a couple thousand years ago with the development of postal services 2500 years ago. To further develop our ways of communication the telegraph was invented in 1792. It could deliver messages over a very long distance much faster than any postman on a horse could. This is very important to the development of social media because this is the beginning of social networking with connecting communication devices to a network full of other such devices, along with telephones and then radios in the 1800’s. This social network’s role was to be able to instantaneously communicate over long distances and was important in increasing human capacity because now communication is no longer a basic human function but a complicated network that allow people over great distances to share ideas. This played a significant role in creating the internet as we know it today because per an article about the history of social media on Small Business Trends, “Both technologies are still in use today, although the modern versions are much more sophisticated than their predecessors. Telephone lines and radio signals enabled people to communicate across great distances instantaneously, something that mankind had never experienced before.” Since it’s something mankind had never experience before it would only make sense for mankind to improve upon these ways of communication.1

The Internet of Things: Why is it so beneficial?

According to Business Insider, the Internet of Things can be defined as “the connection of devices, other than typical fare such as computers and smartphones, to the internet.” Some examples of devices include cars, kitchen appliances, and televisions. For me to stay secure on the IoT nowadays, I make sure I am on the latest firmware of any devices to get the latest security patches. That is important in a crazy world like today where even Google is having issues with security thanks to the cryptocurrency craze. Staying on the latest firmware lessens the chance of having personal information compromised. As the Internet of Things evolve, business will benefit a lot from it. A company can gather anonymous data from users of their product thanks it being connected to the IoT. As businesses gather real-time data, they’re able to improve on their products and make them appeal to even more consumers.2


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